Thursday, 30 June 2011

Academic excellence guarantees a successful life.what your opinion?

.Every one wants a successful life but sometime they are wrong.It is because not academic excellence only can make a successful life.Lets look the reason.

Generally,to be a successful life they must have good personality.For example when somebody get to interview,they should be have some characteristic such as muture,confident,and we can believe them.An addition.,whenever they in interview,we can look their potential to get job.They must believe themself it enough to know they can success at anything you put your mind too.Do not listen to anyone who puts your dreams down or says you can not success at what you are after.You already know you can and you will.

In other perspective most of people who have skill and ability also can achieve a successful.It relate when they do by own business.They can manage their company by skill that they have.Besides that,Some people can choose to married  with the higher class.It can help them to increase their position.

In contrast,academic excellent guarantees a successful life.It can teach them to increase their effort to get more knowledge.Especially student,they were not so lazy and  put the effort requaired,he or she could achieve academic success.People are compete to be a successful life.So they must have knowledge to achieve  that.Success just does not come to you.You have to go out and take it by the horn.Keep yourself motivated and focused on the prize that lies ahead at the end of the road.You will eventually reach your goal with a mindset like this.Put in your mind,you were born to successd.

Overall,many people  be a successful life by academic excellence.But some time it happen by other reason.There might be times things will try and stop you from continuing on your road to success, but remember never give up on your dream. 


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  2. you have a strong point...and i agree with your point.....

  3. you have your point, i get it. but here's an advice, you should work more on your grammar :)